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Podcast: Why Collaborative Learning is the Future

Joel Nkounkou is the CEO of EcoText. He is a technical, product-centric founder with ambitions to uplift edtech to increase opportunity for the modern learner.

Joel is passionate about growing and transforming technologies from design phase to real applicable market implementation. A global observer and an innovative learner, he deems himself as a “young executive in training” aiming at building something truly awesome!

Podcast: Why You’ll Fail and What You Can Do to Stop It

How can software engineers, startup founders, and virtually everyone empower themselves to overcome failure?

Aaron Guyett is the CEO of Pedestal. He is a technical startup founder with experience crafting numerous small businesses. He believes the future of work is going to be dependent on connectedness and guidance.

With his technical expertise, he routinely crafts projects in the blockchain and enterprise space. Right now, he is helping individuals grow in their professional spaces through mentorship.

Podcast: AI, Animals and Empathy

Can AI help us better understand animals around us and increase empathy in the world? with John Honchariw, CEO & Founder @ Companion

John Honchariw is the founder and CEO of Companion. John was trained in mechanical, aeronautical and systems engineering, but has spent the majority of his career in product and business development taking new types of technology and business models to market. Most recently, he worked at Google with the early technology units (Google[X], Research and Robotics) on thinking through first products and applications. He started off his career at Bain & Company in San Francisco and then launched into helping develop silicon-nanostructure Li-Ion batteries for clean-energy applications at Amprius (KPCB).

After that, he helped launch a new type of cloud platform at AppDirect. Now he’s completely focused on helping people connect more meaningfully with their pets using Companion. John loves getting outside in the SF Bay Area and spending time with his wife, son, cat and dog.

Podcast: How Recruiting Has Changed During COVID

Effective recruiting across the board has always been challenging, particularly when assembling a rocking team. How has COVID forced the recruiting world to adapt to the global circumstances?

Andres Blank is the co-founder and CEO of Fetcher, a recruiting platform that automates recruiting processes. Previously he was the founder and COO of Pixable a consumer photo application with over 5 Million users that was acquired for $30M in less than 3 years from starting the company.

Andres started Pixable while he was pursuing his MBA at MIT. Before moving to Boston, Andres started three companies in Venezuela, the first one, a site for college students at the age of 18, and the last one, a lumber trader and exporter.

Podcast: Healthier Screen Time in the Blink of an Eye…and with AI!

Personalizing screens and tech to our well-being, so that users feel and perform better with Hannes Bend, CEO @

Hannes Bend founded to integrate healthier habits into our everyday screen interactions. He suffered years of anxiety after trauma, and used breathwork, meditation and yoga to live a healthy and happy life. From 2014, he worked with hundreds of data- and neuroscientists, psychologists, UX/AI researchers, designers and engineers to develop award-winning (Stanford 2016) XR biofeedback technologies.

Since 2019, Hannes and’s team have been developing patented technology using webcam and AI to detect stress, to offer simple short personalized breaks and adaptive screen experiences. Hannes recommends a deep breath and a letting go exhale to get an immediate energy boost.

Podcast: Bridging the Gap Between Sports Teams, Sponsors and Fans

Why it’s important to bring sponsorship into the digital age and better engage sports fans with Shannon Ferguson, Co-Founder & CEO @ FanSaves

Shannon Ferguson currently leads the growing team at tech startup FanSaves, as Co-Founder & CEO. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Shannon’s strong social skills and positive attitude have always been a winning formula for success.

Matching her skills in sponsorship sales, marketing and advertising with her love of business helped her co-found FanSaves and she has quickly become an emerging expert in the sports tech space.

Podcast: AI: Unlocking the Data in the Human Spectrum

Can AI and software help to cure extremely challenging health problems like diabetes?

Marc  Rippen is the CEO of Alertgy. He is an experienced and highly skilled technical engineer with over 30 years of experience. He has worked for multiple fortune 500 companies, Department of Defense (DOD), NASA, SOCOM, and DARPA commercializing dozens of ground-breaking and revolutionary technologies. He holds various degrees across multiple interrelated disciplines including: Microbiological Sciences and Immunology, Biophysics, Analytical Chemistry, Masters of Aeronautical Science, and Management of Engineering and Technology.

Marc holds numerous patents and received the SRI Golden Nugget award for development of break through technologies for this achievement.

Podcast: Fast Payments in Slow Spaces

Modernizing the way the insurance industry processes payments with Cody Eddings, CEO & Co-Founder @ SnapRefund

Cody Eddings is the CEO and Co-founder of SnapRefund. A lifelong entrepreneur, engineer and product developer. he is the lead creator of GuitarSim, a guitar simulator app/smartphone accessory with a 4.1+ star rating on Google Play. He’s developed mobile apps for fortune 500 companies like URBN and startups alike.

Cody obtained a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Lehigh University.

Podcast: Open XDR and the Future of Cybersecurity

When “X” means everything with Aimei Wei, Founder & VP of Engineering @ Stellar Cyber

Aimei Wei is the Founder and VP of Engineering at Stellar Cyber. She has over 20+ years of experience building successful products and leading teams in data networking and telecommunications. She has extensive working experience for both early stage startups including Nuera, SS8 Networks and Kineto Wireless as well as well-established companies like Nortel, Ciena and Cisco. Prior to founding Stellar Cyber, she was actively developing Software Defined Networks solutions at Cisco.

Aimei enjoys building a product from its initial design to its final launch. Aimei has an M.S. in Computer Science from the Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada and an Undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the Tsinghua University of China.

Podcast: Behavioral AI

How can AI address the growing and unsustainable cost of healthcare, especially managing lifestyle driven chronic diseases? with Prakash Hosalli

Prakash Hosalli is the Co-founder and CEO of He is a creative, entrepreneurial leader with more than 20 years spent building digital products and driving enterprise technology transformation. Prakash has focused on bringing cutting edge technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and other advanced technologies to solve vexing problems in Healthcare.

Prakash is a seasoned product management/client relationship/sales/delivery professional with more than 20 years of Information Technology (IT) and business experience in Consulting Sales, Client Relationship (CXO level), Program, Project, and Product Management in myriad verticals including Financial services.

Podcast: Building Trust through Privacy and Open Source in the Face of Big Tech

Joshua Montgomery, President and Founder of Mycroft AI, is an entrepreneur by nature, an aerospace engineer by education, an Air Force Major by curiosity, and a hacker at heart. Long before Net Neutrality became a buzz phrase, Joshua recognized the importance of open-access internet. He founded Wicked Broadband and leveraged his position to bring gigabit fiber to areas where Google wouldn’t.

He is also an adamant believer in open-access AI and open source programming. He set out to build the first Mycroft voice assistant before Alexa was made available to the public and quickly engaged a community of open source programmers to start teaching Mycroft new skills. Josh is a visionary whose sights are set on building communities and companies that make powerful contributions to the world – ones which support open source technology and further the world with advancements.

Podcast: Why Are the Current Employee Assessment Tools Inaccurate?

Cristina Imre is the CEO of Aecho. As a legacy builder, she’s driven to foster purpose-driven, empathic leadership that impacts and leaves a mark on our current and future generations.

Adam Hocek is the CTO of Aecho. He has worked at many start-ups and several Fortune 500 companies, taking technology from concept inception to product in areas including speech processing, communication, and semantic software.

Podcast: Tech for Good and the Impact of AI on All Humans

How does AI make decisions every day that impact humans? with Jenn Bonine, CEO & Co-founder @ RedRex

Jennifer Bonine is a Co-Founder of AI Appstore, Inc. and the RedRex Platform, and was the first female Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) platform tech CEO. AI Appstore specializes in custom subscription technology bundles, leveraging an intelligent platform using a personalized ‘virtual research assistant’ to enhance corporate growth. The RedRex Platform connects the digital and physical spaces for people all across the globe and breaks down physical limitations and barriers. Respected as a gifted speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Jennifer Bonine addresses the AI industry nationally and internationally, most recently at the World Economic Forum in Davos and for CNNMoney Switzerland. She has held executive level positions leading teams for Oracle and Target and is a founding board member of the United States bid for a Minnesota World Expo 2027.

Podcast: Democratizing Access to Economic Activity Data to the World

How data creation through fixed location of Interest sensors and data generated by the business processes of public corporations is reshaping market intelligence and alternative data with Sanders Partee, Co-founder & CEO

Sanders Partee is currently CEO and Co-Founder of MoonVu, Inc., a company on a mission to democratize access to alternative data big hedge funds use to make better investment decisions. However now, making it available to everyday investors at a fraction of the cost. The company does this by conducting, economic surveillance of companies using powerful video cameras, AI, and computer vision to crunch data and arrive at precisely accurate reports before a company releases them.

Podcast: Uniting Audiences through Emerging Video Technology

How can viewers stay engaged and connected across continents? with Megan Killion VP of Marketing @ CacheFly

Megan Killion is currently the VP of Sales and Marketing at CacheFly. She is a sales and marketing leader with 15 years of experience building teams and driving revenue as well as a mother of 4 rough & tumble sons who think she might be a secret super hero, and they’re not the only ones.

Typically touting brightly colored hair and even more tattoos than she has children, Megan has been involved in the B2B tech space for 10+ years impacting over 250 Million in new revenue. She loves bringing complex solutions to life for customers in terms they understand and spends her free time reading sci-fi novels or practicing her golf swing.

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