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Podcast: Dilution is not the Solution: Financing Beyond VC

Is it possible to achieve hyper-growth without selling large parts of your company to investors?

Miguel Fernandez is an engineer, SaaS operator and co-founder and CEO of Capchase. Miguel started his career in consulting and then ran sales and customer success at a pre-revenue SaaSCo, taking it from 0 to a few million in ARR. After that, he went to do his MBA at HBS, before dropping out to pursue Capchase.

Miguel founded Capchase with two ex-colleagues and an HBS classmate to put non-dilutive funding on autopilot and help founders keep more of their companies and focus their energy and time into what really matters – building and shipping great products.

Podcast: Powering our Digital Lives

With our lives becoming increasingly digital, will our infrastructure keep up? with CEO & Founder @ Salad Technologies.

Bob Miles is a pilot, aerospace engineer, two time founder and the founder of  Bob started his career in Australia working with the national airline and soon moved into the startup arena.  After a decade working as a product manager in the mobile space, Bob moved to the US to join an early stage startup in the aerospace industry.

Three years ago, Bob founded Salad with the mission to be the easiest and most trusted way to share your computer.

Podcast: The Value of Consistency

Dr. Tye Caldwell is the Cofounder & CEO of ShearShare, the first on-demand salon and barbershop space rental app. Recognized as a tech visionary and industry pioneer, Dr. Tye has grown ShearShare to be the greatest engine of jobs and wealth creation for the beauty and barbering industry. By redesigning the B2B beauty industry and serving an underserved niche, Dr. Tye is enabling more than 1,000,000 licensed professionals to work on their terms and maximize their earnings potential, while salon and barbershop owners make money on unused space.

Prior to creating ShearShare, Dr. Tye owned and operated an award-winning salon in Dallas, Texas, which was the genesis behind ShearShare. He has worked in beauty for 26 years as a master barber-stylist, educator, and small business coach, offering his decades of industry knowledge as a proven roadmap.

Dr. Tye serves on the Advisory Boards for multiple beauty schools and is a frequent guest lecturer at barber colleges and hairstyling institutes around the globe. He is now member-elect to the Professional Beauty Association’s Advisory Council, he coaches the next generation of salon and barbershop owners, and his #1 best-selling book, Mentored by Failure: A 5-Point Guide to Long-Term Success in the Beauty & Style Industry, is often used for continuing education curriculum. ShearShare was the first Texas startup to win Google Demo Day 2018, Tech. Co’s Startup of the Year 2016, and was named a TechWeek100. Dr. Tye’s work has been featured in Fast Company, the New York Times, Black Enterprise, the Washington Post, Forbes, Fortune, Modern Salon, and TechCrunch.

Dr. Tye Caldwell is a licensed instructor and educator, and received his Doctorate of Professional Barbering from Miracle University. He enjoys international travel, reading, and spending time with his wife, Courtney, and 20-year-old son, Trey, a sophomore cadet and football player at the United States Air Force Academy.

Podcast: AI and Machine Learning Revolutionize Consumer Packaged Goods

How software is changing Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) forever with Yaniv Sariq, Co-Founder and CEO @ The Mohawk Group.

Yaniv Sarig has served as a director and our President and Chief Executive Officer since September 2018, is a co-founder of Mohawk Opco and has served as a director and President and Chief Executive Officer since June 2014. Prior to co-founding Mohawk, Yaniv led the Financial Services Engineering department at Coverity, a leading software startup providing code quality and security solutions for top financial institutions and hedge funds in New York including NYSE, Nasdaq, JPMC and Barclays, from April 2012 to April 2014.

Before joining Coverity, Yaniv held lead technical roles at Bloomberg from October 2011 to April 2012 and EPIQ Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: EPIQ), a legal process outsourcing company, from February 2006 to October 2011. Prior to moving to New York City, he lived in Israel where he held various software engineering roles at startups from various industries including companies involved in digital printing solutions and military navigation systems. Yaniv also served in the IDF Special Forces from November 1995 to November 1998, where he obtained the rank of Sergeant First Class. He aholds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Touro College, is fluent in English, French, Hebrew and C++.

Podcast: How a Customer-Centric Culture Creates Great Digital Experiences

Most companies say they are customer obsessed, but their processes too often prioritize revenue and competitors. Product Innovator Tatyana Mamut (fmr Nextdoor, Amazon, Salesforce, IDEO) will share the practical approach to creating a customer-centric culture and achieving breakthrough success.

Tatyana Mamut empowers companies to anticipate, innovate, and win in the age of digital disruption. She is a Silicon Valley tech executive with over 20 years’ experience in digital experiences, brand, and organizational transformation.

As an executive at iconic tech companies (Amazon, Salesforce, Nextdoor), she has fused customer-obsessed product innovation with aligned culture & leadership to fuel hypergrowth. Her career has spanned the globe as well as several domains (consumer tech, SaaS, fintech, education) and new technologies (IoT, AI, Blockchain).

Podcast: Overcoming the Challenges of Connecting in This Remote World

How to use the power and uniqueness of your voice to build business with RJ Stephens, Chief Revenue Officer @ Airdeck

RJ Stephens is the Chief Revenue Officer of Airdeck. He possesses over 20+ years SaaS sales and sales leadership experience, from working for large public companies such as Demandware (now Salesforce Commerce Cloud), Digital River, and divisions of  and Oracle / NetSuite; to 4 early stage and innovative tech startups. He has worked with a broad range of technologies including most of the top commerce technology companies, web / data analytics, conversion optimization, chat, custom application development, software implementation agencies, peer-to-peer fundraising tech, and now an asynchronous communication platform; in roles from Strategic Account Director to SVP of Sales & Marketing.

Before getting in tech, RJ ran health-clubs and consulted in the fitness industry (Golds Gyms) for 5 years and was part of a team that launched a health club concept on the East Coast. He grew up in a small town in Central Illinois (Dad was a farmer) , graduated from University of Illinois, but ended up landing in a warmer climate and never left. Now he lives in San Diego with his wife and 3 children.

Podcast: Real-Time Diagnostic Feedback in Virtual Meetings Promotes Healthy Collaboration

Using AI to improve how cross functional teams communicate with Beth Porter, CEO and co-founder of Riff Analytics.

Beth Porter is the CEO and co-founder of Riff Analytics, which develops automated coaching tools to help people learn how they communicate with others. Beth’s background is in education technologies and software engineering.

She ran product development at edX, as well as leading higher education online platform development at Pearson Education. In addition to her entrepreneurial activities, Beth teaches and mentors MBA students at Boston University and MIT.

Podcast: People Leaders: The Catalyst to Organization Success in 2021

Why is it essential for organizations to focus on their people? And what is the magic to achieve success?

Melissa Ribeiro, a Brazilian born and raised, led global HR organizations in information technology, entertainment, and the news industry, during tenures with Thomson Reuters, Yahoo, Opera MediaWorks, and Deluxe Entertainment Group, and currently as the Chief People Officer at Actian Corporation.

Her focus is to be the link between the people function and Growth by keeping the employee population engaged and  advising  C-level how to succeed under any circumstances ( M&A, divestiture, Covid, and organizational change)

Podcast: Paperless Language School of the Future

How investment in technology allowed one language school to reduce costs and its environmental impact, while providing real time data to Fortune 500 customers with Iñigo López, CEO @ Eszett Business Language Services

Iñigo López is the CEO of Ezsett Business Language Services. His background includes more than 20 years’ experience managing international companies operating in diverse sectors including telecommunications, software development and international trading.

He graduated as a Telecommunications Engineer from the University of Cantabria and holds an MBA from the business and marketing school ESIC in Madrid.

Inigo is a native Spanish speaker and has business level fluency in English, French and Portuguese, having been relocated for work to Ireland, the UK, France and Brazil. Additionally, he has a B2 level in German and B1 in Italian.

Podcast: Cloud Computing & Data & Analytics

How is Cloud Computing helping Data & Analytics?

Meenakshi Thanikachalam is the Head of Data Strategy & Data Architecture for Ally.

Before that she led Data Architecture and Analytics team at The Hartford, Ingersoll-Rand. She is a member of the Editorial Board of the CDO (Chief Data Officer’s) Magazine. As a technology executive, she’s a goal-oriented leader & advisor with a passion and enthusiasm to foster ideas and produce creative solutions to difficult problems by focusing on delivering value by creating and executing data transformation initiatives. She is an advocate for Women in technology/Women in Data.

Podcast: Why Software Engineers Cannot Say No

It’s not about how to say NO. It’s about what we say YES to.

If you want to be successful at what you do, you have to go to the edge of what you know. You have to find that space. Successful people discovered that you need another human’s help to get there. Yet, not everybody can help you.

Andrea Clough can. She lives in that space every day and she can guide you there. Andrea is transforming good Engineers into GREAT Engineers. She is the killer combo for translating their strong technical skills into powerful business & people skills. She is called by her clients “The Engineer Whisperer”. Andrea believes that taking your life & career to the next level is like climbing a mountain. In order to see the amazing view from the peak you have to plan, train, collect your gear and work with a guide. You cannot do it only relying on yourself.

Podcast: Customer Experience: The New Era of Customer Success

How delivering true customer success goes beyond any specific function and requires company-wide transformation with Anisha Patel @ Cisco.

Anisha Patel is Senior Director, Customer Success Management at Cisco. Her team is responsible for developing and scaling the global customer success model across Cisco’s portfolio of products and services. Prior to joining Cisco, Anisha led Customer Success Strategy & Analytics and was the Chief of Staff to the COO, Customer Success at Salesforce. Her experience also includes years in business operations, marketing analytics, and consulting at Salesforce and IBM.

Anisha holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Statistics & Operations Research from New York University.

Podcast: Developers and Security: A Love/Hate Relationship

2020 was marred with myriad cybersecurity incidents, from Twitter to SolarWinds. What cultural shifts can we make to avoid this in 2021? with Yasyf Mohamedali, CEO @ Sym

Yasyf Mohamedali is a entrepreneur and software engineer based in San Francisco, California. He holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is currently the CEO of Sym. Sym is a cybersecurity startup building a developer-first security workflow automation platform.

Yasyf has started several technology-focused companies across a variety of industries, including education, healthcare, civic engagement, and digital logistics. His work has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Fox News, NPR, Wired, The Washington Post, and The Huffington Post.

Podcast: Determine a Valuable Product Without Building One

Stop wasting your time and money: quickly determine value and the fastest way to market.

Ryan Jones has launched over 50 applications/services ranging from server infrastructure tech to enabling people to interact with products in images online. Those products have been used by millions, with the most recent product launches producing $50mm+ ARR in the first year they were released. Ryan has led 100+ person product teams, trained 25+ Product Managers, and is an expert in Lean Product Development/User-Centered Design.

Ryan originally started in Finance at Goldman Sachs managing $5B+ worth of multi-asset class portfolios on discretion. He entered the Tech realm through a startup, became an engineer, and then officially became a Product Manager at Pivotal Labs (Pivotal Software – went public, then acquired). Ryan worked with a wide range of customers around the world through Pivotal, helping customers determine value and then how to build that value quickly and efficiently. He then led multiple product teams in the R&D Org including the initial Kubernetes offering by VMware. After, Ryan went on to lead a joint effort between Microsoft and VMware to enable developers on Azure.

Podcast: The Future of Retail Through People-to-People Shopping

Empowering people to sell products, and earn like retailers themselves.

Raji Kalra is the Co-founder and CEO of Peopletail. Raji is a retail marketing specialist who has spent 15 years providing digital services to brands and retailers. In 2008, his company started an in-store digital signage network for Whole Foods Market, which expanded to 30 other leading health and wellness retailers across Canada.

In 2017, Raji and long-time friend and business colleague Ming Tse founded Peopletail. This platform is powering the future of retail by enabling people-to-people content experiences and shopping. Raji holds a BA from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario and a Master’s degree in Business Law from Bond University in Queensland, Australia.

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