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Podcast: IoT Is Going to Change Every Industry in the World

Charlie Key is the co-founder and CEO of Losant. He focuses his day-to-day responsibilities on working with Losant’s enterprise partners and customers. Charlie has spent more than a dozen years in software and technology. He has worked with various Fortune 500 companies to build business-changing software and applications.

Charlie can demonstrate IoT’s value by connecting technology’s properties to critical business outcomes. His unique background as a CEO and engineer enables him to eloquently communicate how IoT can serve as a viable solution to everyday business challenges, including how to survive and compete in an ever-changing landscape.

Podcast: Three Reasons Why Your Employees Hate Your Security Training Program – Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas is the CEO and Co-Founder of HackNotice. He previously founded, bootstrapped, and sold a threat intelligence startup, PwnedList. He has built and managed Sales Engineer teams at IBM, Innography, and SecurityScorecard and has been a salesperson, engineer, and everything in between. Outside of HackNotice, Steve brews beer, roasts coffee, and builds automation projects.

Podcast: Bringing Healthcare Into the Home – Travis Rush

Travis Rush is the CEO and cofounder of Reperio Health, a Portland, Ore.-based tech company that offers an app-connected, at-home wellness assessment kit for employers and individuals. Capitalizing on the momentum around home-based health testing, preventive healthcare, and the consumerism of medicine, Reperio announced a seed-capital raise of $6 million in March 2021.

Prior to Reperio, Rush founded Sightbox, an all-inclusive vision care solution that includes an annual eye exam, fitting, and a 12-month supply of contact lenses for contact lens wearers with a simple monthly payment. In 2017, Sightbox was acquired by Johnson & Johnson. Rush is also an accomplished producer and musician;you can find his music on most streaming music platforms.

Podcast: Entrepreneurial Optimism in a Turbulent Economy

Ross Buhrdorf is the CEO & Co-Founder of ZenBusiness where he has been responsible for overseeing remarkable company and customer growth. In the past two years ZenBusiness has grown its customer base by more than 600% and raised more than $250 million – placing ZenBusiness in the unicorn category.

Ross was the founding CTO for HomeAway where he oversaw the technology that built the company from startup to IPO, and through its acquisition by Expedia for $3.9B. In his more than 30 years as a technology leader, entrepreneur and C-level corporate executive in both public and private companies, Ross helps transform the way consumers interact with technology.

Podcast: The Evolution of Influencer Marketing

Felix LaHaye is an internationally recognized digital media entrepreneur having founded the current market leading esports marketing organization, United Esports, as well as the first social influencer marketing company: InstaBrand/Open Influence. LaHaye is an active shareholder and executive in half a dozen digital media and esports organizations – including market leader Talon Esports (Hong Kong), Beastcoast (Peru+NYC), and Kappa-Meltdown esports bars (Paris). LaHaye’s organizations now consist of over 250 employees combined.

Podcast: Accessibility – The Future of Tech

What is accessibility and why does it matter? Is accessibility a competitive edge? How can you get started?

The Panel

Jennifer Purcell, Lead Product Designer at Gameboard 

Jennifer is a partially colorblind and neurodivergent designer with a history in fine arts and education. She champions building accessible products from the ground up, and wants her current project, Gameboard, to be approachable to anyone that wants to play.

Estefania Anaya, UI/UX Designer at Encora

Estefania is a UI/UX Designer and Inclusive Design advocate. In her free time, you can find her riding bicycles, painting miniatures, or just cooking her favorite meals. She sees inclusion as an innovative engine, which is why she really enjoys working with diverse teams.

Fermin Chavez, UX Researcher at Encora

After studying Bionics Engineering, Fermín Chávez made a career switch that led him towards Design. He completed a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design with the thesis “Visual impairment, technology and entertainment.” He’s very interested in the intersections of design and how they can be leveraged towards inclusion and justice and has been working as a User Experience Researcher four years.

Podcast: Challenges of a Small Engineering Team Revolutionizing Sales

How many engineers do you need to create a GitHub for Sales?

Anton led the Frontend Development and participated in the creation of a new search engine at – one of the biggest flight search engines. He created a new mobile ads codec at, which doubled the company view opportunities, and is currently running the engineering team as VP of Engineering at

Bravado is a professional network that helps B2B Sellers thrive in their careers by providing access to everything that is needed to land a great job, get promoted, and grow a career.

Podcast: Helping B2B Marketers Automate Paid Campaigns

Gil Allouche is the co-founder and CEO of Metadata Inc., a marketing software startup in San Francisco, CA that employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to make demand generation more predictable and scalable. Gil founded to make demand generation easy for non-technical marketers. The platform and AI Operator evolved from Gil’s experiences hacking various marketing and CRM systems to get the solutions he needed.

Prior to founding Metadata, Gil was VP of Marketing at Qubole, a Big Data SaaS startup in Mountain View, CA. Gil has also held senior marketing and product management positions at TIBCO Software, Karmasphere, and 1Yell.

Podcast: The Intersection of Machine Learning and Human Conversations

Surbhi Rathore is the CEO & Co-Founder @ She is on a mission to democratize conversation understanding by making it simple to deploy contextual intelligence and analytics across voice, text and video communication, for any stage software.

As co-founder and CEO of, she is bringing to life her vision for a programmable platform built on easy to deploy APIs and SDKs. With her journey from a software developer to first time founder and moving to the US to build Symbl, which is now a Series A startup with $24M in venture financing and more scaling with 70+ team across time zones, she is an opportunity creator and believer.

Podcast: Keeping Control – How AI and Fintech Are Putting Music Artists Back in the Driver’s Seat

Peter Sinclair is an “accidental participant” in the music industry. Before joining Universal Music Group in 2015, Peter built an extensive track record launching and growing digital-forward businesses in the finance, gifting and consumer product sectors. He has repeatedly taken companies and business units from pre-revenue to rapid scale.

He co-founded beatBread in 2020 as a means to empower more artists to advance their careers without giving up ownership of their masters or the ability to make their own career decisions.

Peter also has experience serving customers neglected by “the mainstream industry”. Peter built and scaled the direct to consumer business at Green Dot, a company that increased access and reduced the cost of financial services for individuals who were ignored and overcharged by traditional banks. Peter saw the urgent need for a new paradigm in artist funding in his five years at Universal, where he oversaw ecommerce for the world’s largest music company.

Podcast: Building Trust with eCommerce Consumers

Ken Muir is the Chief Executive Officer at Buku Ship – a SaaS company that specializes in eCommerce shipping CX.

Over his 25+ years of experience in the software industry, Ken has held positions as a Software Engineer (where he holds 3 US patents), various engineering leadership roles, Chief of Staff to the CEO and Chief Technology Officer of a $1B public company. Ken was the CEO of privately held GWAVA Inc. based in Montreal, Canada which he led to a high-multiple acquisition by Micro Focus in 2016. He was the General Manager of Micro Focus’ AI & Analytics business unit based in Cambridge UK and was the Worldwide Sales VP role for their archiving, eDiscovery and compliance business unit.

Podcast: Designing the Future of the Metaverse

Marcus Segal is CEO and co-founder of ForeVR, a game developer bringing the most popular IRL games to Virtual Reality. Segal co-founded the company with Michael Pagano Doom to translate the most popular real life games into compelling multiplayer social experiences in VR. As consumer accessibility to VR technology becomes a reality for more and more consumers, ForeVR is uniquely positioned to offer a new and unique interactive entertainment experience. Segal’s job as CEO is to build and grow ForeVR into a premiere VR global game developer.

Segal’s worlds as a tech strategist, investor and producer are converging with the launch of ForeVR. At global interactive entertainment company Zynga, Segal helped pioneer social gaming as SVP of Global Operations and COO of Worldwide Game Studios and was part of the team that made the company one of the fastest-growing companies ever to hit $1B in revenue.

Podcast: Resilience and the Path to Achieving the Dream

Daniel Daoura is founder and CTO of Pebblebee, a Seattle-based technology company that produces smart tracking solutions to help people track what matters most in life. A self-described “geek” at heart, he’s always been a technology enthusiast with a great passion for inventing new products.

Years ago, while struck by the daily grind of looking for his keys, remotes, wallet, and dog, he knew there had to be a way to apply technology to more easily locate items of global importance. His idea turned into a prototype that became a rapidly growing business. A former Boeing military communications engineer, Daoura has helped elevate Pebblebee as a pioneer in the smart device tracking industry, selling millions of products worldwide, and consistently investing in innovation to create premium, dependable solutions.

Podcast: AI in Compliance and Security

As Chief Product Officer at Behavox, Gagan Gulati helps guide the Product vision, strategy and roadmap across our products across multiple industry verticals. Behavox uses NLP, Machine Learning and AI to protect our customers from illegal, immoral and malicious insiders.

Before joining Behavox, Gagan was a Partner and Director for PM for Data Protection and Governance products at Microsoft where he took multiple products including Azure RMS, Azure Information Protection, Microsoft Information Protection and Azure Purview from incubation to their incredible growth, usage and success.

Podcast: Employee Loyalty

Drew Carter is the CEO at Whistle Systems. He brings 20 years of experience in software development, data science, and customer loyalty to the employee loyalty space.

Recognized as one of the most influential leaders in the incentive and recognition industry by Incentive Magazine, he has focused on corporate strategy, data science, analytics strategy, design and implementation, strategic marketing, and more.

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