The Joy of Small Things

Scheduled for: July 12th, 2017, 3:05 pm PT / Category: Interviews

How keeping it small and simple makes for a happier life.

Hugh MacLeod started drawing cartoons on the back of business cards on 1997. He then started showing them on his blog GapingVoid in 2001, which gained a large following.

Carrying on from there, with his business partner Jason Korman, in 2008 he co-founded Gapingvoid Ltd., creating custom artwork for some of the largest, companies in the world, including Intel, HP, Microsoft, Roche, Zappos, VMWare and VW- and is hung in over 5,000 companies around the world.

Gapingvoid takes a unique approach to business communications. Including events, permanent corporate art installations, and outcome focused custom art implementation to help with behavior change in large organizations.




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