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Each week we invite tech luminaries to discuss emerging trends, the impact technology can have on culture, and lessons learned from disruptive companies. We do this LIVE across multiple platforms and invite active viewer participation.

The DojoLIVE! show is building a global community of the movers and shakers of the tech world. We cover major trends, great companies to work for, industry insights, challenges, tips and tricks on how to thrive.

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AI and Contracts: Elevating the Legal Team

Legal departments want the same predictive abilities as their counterparts in marketing and sales, but are they ready to harness AI?

Vishal Sunak Co-Founder & CEO @ LinkSquares
September 23rd, 2021

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Alternative Business Models in Today’s Creator Economy

Using technology to unlock value for creators in the music industry.

Ade Adeyemo Founder @ Joko Inc.
September 22nd, 2021

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Managing a Remote Workforce Without Sacrificing Innovation

Cross functional efficacy: Remote and hybrid teams’ best chance at innovation and interdependence.

Keith Brannan Chief Marketing Officer @ Kasasa
September 22nd, 2021

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Building a Fearless Team from Scratch

In the face of the unknown, how can you ensure your team continues to thrive and push boundaries without burning out?

Pete Harvey & Searsha Sadek CTO / Head of Growth @ ProQuoAI
September 16th, 2021

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Disrupting Youth Sports Through Tech

How to question and reimagine outdated processes and bring an innovation lens to any industry.

Gary Goldberg Founder & CEO @ SquadLocker
September 15th, 2021

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Building Bridges to Racial Unity

How digital connection and engagement can impact racial equity and build stronger communities.

Michael O'Neil Founder & CEO @ GetWellNetwork
September 14th, 2021

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