Recap: Managing Sophisticated Technology and Teams Remotely

June 22nd, 2020 / By: / Published in: Blog, Recap

Benjamin Kearns, VP of Engineering DataStax

With 10 years of full-stack software leadership and business strategy experience, Benjamin Kearns , VP of Engineering at DataStax, has learned that the key to running a successful company is sourcing the right people, and then finding the proper balance of process and freedom to keep those people inspired and passionate. It’s of course also necessary to build a product that’s in demand, or better yet, that’s creating a new demand.

Benjamin has hired, motivated, and led hundreds of multi-geography staff, managers, and directors in his career, and has watched productivity rise with the careful implementation of on-trend technologies, lean startup methods, automation tool sets, and shared documentation. With the right amount of infrastructure and the very real prospect of commercializing their contributions, engineers dig in and innovation flourishes.

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