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Blockchain's impact on industries

In general, there is widespread interest in Blockchain for business technology due in large part to the enormous potential it has to improve operational efficiency, achieve scalability, and add economic value. Regarding the last point, Gartner projected that Blockchain’s “commercial added value will grow to just over $176 billion by 2025, and then exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030.” Even if this estimate had a 50% error, it is too large to ignore. The lack of adaptation and adoption may make many companies irrelevant; eventually, they will be absorbed or shut down. Indeed, we are living

What is Synthetic Data?

Great applications can’t be created without data of the same quality. But there are situations in which having access to the needed datasets proves very difficult.

A Gym in the Metaverse

A proof-of-concept approach on Metaverse technologies Metaverse is a concept that raised a lot of attention in recent years, specifically after Mark Zuckerberg announced the Facebook name change to Meta in 2021. In this article we will provide an overview on this theme and share our experiences with a proof-of-concept (PoC) approach for a gym app using Metaverse-related technologies, such as Unity and MediaPipe.

Welcome to the Recap Show Episode 136

On today’s recap show we are highlighting the key points from last week interviews. We had 2 shows: Customer Obsessed Philosophy is a Multi-Partnered Space with Ethan Lieber CEO @ Latchel Communication in a Global World with Joe Miller General Manager @ Pocketalk Please follow us: #technology #culture #innovation #dojolive #livestream #videoblog

Software Supply Chains and How to Secure Them | Encora

The most recent ENISA (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity) report on cybersecurity listed supply chain attacks as one of the prime identified threats to the cyber landscape. Cyber attacks are on the rise, alarmingly so, and most recently, some of the most successful attacks have been through the software supply chain. Cybercriminals are aggressively targeting open source software, which is worrying, given how integrated open source software is into the modern business landscape. 

Welcome to the Recap Show Episode 135

On today’s recap show we are highlighting the key points from last week interviews. We had 3 shows: Physical Strength: A New Frontier in Human Performance with Sam Miller Founder & CEO @ Proteus Motion Open Data & The API Economy: The Future of Fintech with Rachel CarpenterCEO & Co-Founder @ Intrinio What are Read More…

Welcome to the Recap Show Episode 134

On today’s recap show we are highlighting the key points from last week interviews. We had 3 shows: Unlocking Real Estate Wealth with John Green CEO & Co-Founder @ Nada Bridging the “Last Mile” in Enterprise Content Search with Basker Krishnan Founder & CEO @ Cognivision Change Data Capture’s Central Role in Carrying Out Read More…

When is Blockchain an appropriate solution?

Blockchain’s properties related to security and integrity can open multiple new use cases. But, is this the technology that every project needs to ensure security/integrity? This article is focused on that question.

PWA Progressive Web Application

The introduction of smartphones in the early millennium revolutionized the whole tech world. We witnessed a sudden drift of the user base from desktops and laptops to more compact and palm-sized gadgets where they could do the same day-to-day activities at the touch of their finger from their couch. The portability, compact size, and ease of use demanded the developers to build mobile apps catering to a plethora of requirements.

Welcome to the Recap Show Episode 133

On today’s recap show we are highlighting the key points from last week interviews. We had 3 shows: IoT Is Going to Change Every Industry in the World with Charlie Key CEO & Co-Founder @ Losant Promoting Work-Life Integration to Recruit and Retain Talent with Ravi Swaminathan CEO & Founder @ TaskHuman Data-Driven Approaches Read More…

Welcome to the Recap Show Episode 132

On today’s recap show we are highlighting the key points from last week interviews. We had 3 shows: Three Reasons Why Your Employees Hate Your Security Training Program with Steve Thomas CEO & Co-Founder @ HackNotice How You Can Do Your Best Work with Darrin Murriner CEO & Co-Founder @ Cloverleaf Turning Creativity Into Read More…

Introduction to the Ethereum DApps

Blockchain has gained quite a bit of fame for being the technology behind Bitcoin. However, beyond cryptocurrencies, it is a technology that is quite applicable to endless applications. One of the main advantages of blockchain has to do with solutions related to security, transparency, and traceability that it provides.

Blockchain Applications

Introduction The last 3 years have helped us become more familiar with blockchain with cryptocurrencies rising in popularity as an investment. Although popular, blockchain is still an abstract concept and it is very common to think of it only as a speculative tool, but its applications go beyond that.

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