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Installation package managing and lighter working containers using Docker

SummaryAs a developer, it’s common to download tool packages that help us create projects, such as a language, a library, a framework, or a mix of all of those.If we add Docker to this combination, we can see the importance of downloading these packages since by default a Docker container has nothing inside it, and it is through an image that we communicate to Docker the packages that we need to download and install to work. Downloading and installation can take a long time, and the problem increases if this has to be repeated a number of times.

What is Zero Trust Data Security? Principles and Benefits

How do companies secure infrastructure when there is no traditional network edge? Now networks can be in the cloud, local, or a hybrid, with resources and users dispersed globally. Companies need the right technology practices in place to address the security concerns arising from complex and widespread infrastructure. Zero trust data protection is an approach companies can take to secure networks, but what is zero trust? Read on to learn the principles and benefits of zero trust data security. 

Decentralized Identity Principles, Applications, and Benefits

Centralized identity systems are vulnerable to many issues, such as constant attacks, data breaches, slow verification, and fraudulent activity. Malicious parties can easily fake credentials, leading to devastating consequences, while legitimate parties can get bogged down in bottlenecks created by manual verification systems. Decentralized identity, and decentralized identifiers (DID), enter as a verifiable cryptographic alternative to address these challenges, and many more, that centralized identity systems present. Encora created this guide to define decentralized identity, explain how it works, describe three major applications, and outline the benefits it unlocks. 

Deployment Guide for Serverless CI/CD

Now that cloud-based solutions are nearly ubiquitous, companies are looking for ways to achieve more autonomy and decouple from cloud-based providers. Serverless CI/CD is a technology practice that addresses the challenges and dynamics of tight coupling with a provider and integrating new code. This guide defines serverless CI/CD, explains the working principles, and examines why it is rising in popularity. 

Guide to Shift Left Security for the Enterprise

As companies advance digital transformation and move more assets to the cloud, app security and workload protection concerns rise. Hackers and malicious parties always look for vulnerabilities, and companies need the right technology practices. Traditionally, code is evaluated for security loopholes before it is released, but this is not always the best approach. Delaying security assessments and creating security measures until late in the development phase can raise costs, increase risks, and undermine the overall effectiveness of security. For the most effective results, application security must be prioritized early on and throughout the development lifecycle, and shift left security helps

Guide to Ethical Use of Data

Data is extensively available. Countless devices collect and track highly valuable information. The information is also commonly sensitive, highly personal, or proprietary information. It involves personal information, intellectual property, and other unique attributes. There is a strict mandate for a technology practice that balances the dialectics of privacy requirements with the benefits of using data for insights to improve business operations, advance research, and more. This is where data ethics comes into play. This guide defines data ethics, discusses the importance and principles of data ethics, and explores examples of ethical use of data. Recap 170 – Creating High-Performance Teams with NeuEon Inc

On this recap show we are highlighting the key points from last week interviews. We had one show: Proven Techniques for Creating High-Performance Teams with Scott Weiner, Fractional CTO, Transformation Practice Lead @ NeuEon, Inc. You can check out all the shows anytime right here: Please follow us: #technology #culture #innovation #dojolive Read More…

Complete Guide to Ethical AI: History, Challenges, and Benefits

As more and more companies use AI to build scalable solutions, some surprising challenges are arising. AI models are trained on actual data, and real data is laden with biases of society. When the AI models are operationalized to issue lines of credit or enhance patient care, for example, the models have the power to shine a bright spotlight on areas of injustice. Questions arise about accountability, control, and humanity itself. And this is merely the beginning. Ethical AI is designed to leverage AI’s power for society’s betterment, establish specific guidelines to support this effort, and proactively mitigate risks. This guide

What is WebAssembly and How is it Used?

New solutions and sudden requirements are emerging amid rapid digital transformation across every industry and facet of life. Legacy systems must be enhanced or replaced to power new use cases. JavaScript has reigned as a coding language for over two decades. While it is still widely applicable, there is a growing need to minimize latency and lag time and enable new, superfast applications. In sweeps, WebAssembly is an answer to the needs and a driving force for unprecedented growth. But what is WebAssembly? This guide outlines the emerging technology practice, explains how WebAssembly works, discusses use cases, and highlights the benefits. 

Guide to QAOps Working Principles, Best Practices, and Advantages

In traditional software development, the developers and testers are often separate entities that seldom work in tandem. The testing team would only be involved when the code is available in the testing environment. This siloed approach is inefficient and can negatively impact product quality and release. A collaborative technology practice that transforms software development and testing called QAOps is on the rise. Unfamiliar with the term? Read on to learn more. This guide defines QAOps, outlines the process, and details the advantages. 

The Present and Future of Edge AI

Edge AI shifts computational loads from the cloud to nearer the devices at its edge. This is in contrast to traditional AI computing where edge devices feed data to the cloud. The algorithms reside and compute insights in the cloud which are then passed back to the edge devices. Over a period of time this exchange of data and insight further refines the model and delivers accurate insights. Companies looking to harness the power of innovative technology practices can benefit from this new wave of AI computing. This guide defines Edge AI, explains its meteoric rise, details its benefits and

React Server Components

React Server Components represent a new paradigm in web development by allowing developers to write server-rendered   React code that can be dynamically updated and composed on the server side, enabling faster initial page loads, improved SEO, and a more seamless user experience. To understand most of the subjects covered in this article, it would be ideal for you to be familiar with React, Frontend Development, etc. Although we don’t write any code, you’ll be able to understand the benefits of using this experimental feature combined with SSR. Yet, there will be explanations on some of these topics, so you

Gamification: A Powerful Way to Accelerate Agility and Adaptability in the Workplace

In the age of digital transformation, it is essential to exhibit the right skill for the given situation and learn new skills to meaningfully contribute to the workplace. To be future-ready, organizations should upskill their employees to embrace new challenges and dynamic working conditions. Well, that’s where agility and adaptability play a crucial role.

First Steps to Becoming an Automation Engineer

The Journey of a Manual Tester to Being an Automation EngineerBeing a manual tester for 12 years taught me that we always must work faster and smarter, for example, one way to test faster is by automating regression tests, so we can save time when the developer team makes a release, and we must ensure the environment is ready to be tested. Recap 169 – Why Tokenization Will Save the World? with Metaversal

On this recap show we are highlighting the key points from last week interviews. We had one show: From Global Meltdown to Quantum Leap: Why Tokenization Will Save the World with Dan Schmerin Co-Founder and President @ Metaversal You can check out all the shows anytime right here: Please follow us: #technology Read More…

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