5 Key Practices to Develop Your Foresight

Scheduled for: May 22nd, 2019, 1:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

Foresight is the ability see possibilities and underlying patterns that others don't. There are 5 key questions to help you hedge uncertainty, develop foresight, and get your team thinking about the future.

Ruth Yomtoubian is a pioneer in the corporate innovation space. As Partner at Before Alpha, Ruth works with clients to evaluate, test, and scale products and processes throughout an organization. She is hired by technology, retail, and cannabis companies to design guidelines and metrics that promote an organization’s culture and vision.

From market insights to operations – she helps teams diagnose obstacles, refocus efforts and ultimately design a plan of action. As former Director of the AT&T Foundry in Silicon Valley, Ruth spearheaded global innovation initiatives for the company, preparing AT&T’s business units for the impact of transformative trends. In this role she created digital thought leadership platforms to capture forward-looking insights that provide a direction for AT&T leadership.

Originally produced for AT&T M&A division, Ruth’s Future of Entertainment report is grounded in hundreds of hours of empirical research and regarded as key strategy document within AT&T. The report can now be shared publicly.

Ruth is a frequent keynote speaker and holds an MBA and Masters in Global Management from Tulane University. She attributes her willingness to get in the trenches to her time working with small businesses in New Orleans.