AI at the Heart of Sustainability

Scheduled for: May 24th, 2023, 10:00 am PT / Category: Interviews

How can we unleash AI's potential to transform the circular economy for a greener tomorrow?


Madhav Khurana is the Head of Data Science & Analytics at rebuy, a pioneering company in the circular economy. With over 10 years of experience in data science and analytics, he is currently leading the transformation of rebuy into a data-driven organization. Madhav has been instrumental in developing AI-driven tools that strike a balance between profitability and sustainability, positioning rebuy at the forefront of the re-commerce industry.

Previously, Madhav led the data science efforts for optimization in the ride-hailing business at Careem (Uber). Prior to that, he utilized AI to enhance player engagement in Candy Crush games. At IMImobile (Cisco), he worked closely with telecom service providers to implement data-driven strategies for business improvement. With his expertise and passion for leveraging data and AI, Madhav is driving the growth and success of rebuy in the realm of circular economy.



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