Are You Ready for the Bot Disruption?

Scheduled for: August 3rd, 2016, 7:59 pm PT / Category: Interviews

Services such as Amazon Alexa etc. respond to voice commands, and are capable of conducting a conversation using human voice when responding. This new human-centric technology is disruptive in the sense that it has the potential to usher a new era of the so-called ‘screenless user interfaces’. 

In this talk, Alex Bunardzic will discuss some implementation details of this technological revolution, as well as some ramifications of this disruption. He will also discuss the brand new platform that he’s built in support of conversational commerce.

Web and mobile apps are technology-centric services. Enter conversational commerce, embodied by so-called bots. Bots are the final iteration of the high-tech advancements — they are human-centric. People using web and mobile apps are expected to learn the technology that powers those services (i.e. how to download, how to install, how to configure, how to upgrade, etc.) People using bots when enjoying conversational commerce are not expected to learn anything.