How to Build a Winning Cross-Cultural Team

Scheduled for: February 10th, 2016, 5:27 pm PT / Category: Interviews

Boris Glants elaborates on and examines the principles of building a winning cross-cultural team that transcends geographic, political, and social boundaries.

Boris Glants is the CTO of Tonic Health and leads a team of 60+ engineers in Eastern Europe and the US. Together, they’ve built Tonic’s world’s best medical data collection platform that is used by 15 of the top 20 hospitals in the US.

Boris is responsible for leading the development of Tonic’s revolutionary iPad-based medical data collection platform. Tonic’s clients use their platform to not only provide patients with a fun, intuitive and simple way to enter their medical information, but to screen their patients for various conditions. Tonic runs real-time risk assessments and server up relevant patient education material.



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