Buyer’s Remorse: Why ERP Software Purchases Don’t Meet expectations and how to avoid the problem

Scheduled for: August 4th, 2020, 3:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

Reasons why an enterprise software purchase should be considered as an investment, not as an expense.

Chris Doig graduated from the University of Cape Town, South Africa with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree. While at university, he founded Cirrus Technology to supply information technology products to the corporate market. The focus at Cirrus was helping companies buy the best IT products for their particular needs. Cirrus also developed custom software for the South African 7-Eleven franchise holder and other corporate clients.

In the mid-nineties, Chris immigrated to the United States and worked in technical and IT management roles at Seagate, Biogen, Netflix, Boeing, Bechtel SAIC, Discovery Communications, and several startups. He repeatedly saw enterprise software purchased that would take longer to implement than planned and cost more than budgeted. To make matters worse, the software seldom met expectations.

Chris founded Wayferry to help clients minimize risks and maximize ROI when making enterprise software purchases like ERP. A key part of the process is helping clients understand that enterprise software should be an investment and not an expense. He authored Rethinking Enterprise Software Selection: Stop Buying Square Pegs for Round Holes (available on Amazon). Chris finds his greatest satisfaction when clients report their new software meets or exceeds expectations.