Can We Cure Cancer With Artificial Intelligence?

Scheduled for: August 6th, 2020, 3:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

AI, big data and biology might help us develop cancer therapies, faster, smarter and cheaper. Here's the story behind a 20-year journey of discovery.

Mark Collins, Ph.D is the Chief Innovation Officer at Helomics, a division of Predictive Oncology. He possesses a passion for applying science to build high-tech life-science products and services that impact the search for new medicines. He maintains he has had one good idea – that computers and especially AI can help the search for new medicines and he’s spent a 20 year career trying to make that a reality.

Mark feels that Helomics is uniquely positioned to deliver on this goal. With an outstanding, multidisciplinary team, Helomics is pioneering the development of AI-driven models of tumor drug response and outcome that will enable lower cost, faster and smarter discovery of new therapies, as well as help clinicians individualize cancer treatment with current therapies.

Born in the UK, Mark has a global perspective gained in Europe and the USA at start-ups, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, government research labs and as a co-founder of three companies in the drug discovery, artificial intelligence and software space. When he’s not being a science geek, Mark likes to ride bicycles fast, play the guitar (slowly), and loves to cook and be outdoors