Closing the Gap Between Sales and Engineering

Scheduled for: September 3rd, 2015, 12:07 am PT / Category: Interviews

Robert Graham knows a thing or two about engineering. But then again, he also knows sales. He is all about growth… and a rubyist. Pure numerical terror. Robert spent some time as Google and Oracle as a software engineer after working on a Computer Science PhD.

Robert Graham has published research in the field of human computer interaction and information retrieval. He also currently does growth work while building up his own sdSaaS business.

In late 2009 Robert launched his first attempt at a SaaS web app and business. Robert writes code, does marketing, outsources, and lives through the ups and downs.

Based on his own hands-on experience and business savviness, in 2012 he wrote a book about Cold Calling for Startups to help individuals with technical backgrounds to get started with sales.

Closing the Gap Between Sales and Engineering



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