Pets and Dating Apps

Scheduled for: August 17th, 2021, 12:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

How having the right niche community makes sense within the world of dating apps.

Leigh D’Angelo is CEO and Co-Founder of Dig – The Dog Person’s Dating App and Tabby – The Cat Person’s Dating App. Leigh started Dig and Tabby with her sister and co-founder Casey Isaacson. Dig and Tabby build relationships so pets and pet lovers live healthier, longer, and more joyous lives with the humans who love them. On Dig, find compatible matches, meet up in the digital dog park, and plan dog-friendly dates. On Tabby, hang out in the Cat Tree, get tips and tricks from vets and trainers, and find someone who is compatible with your cat-forward lifestyle. Both apps also have deals from local pet companies so you can win over their dog or cat from the start with a unique treat!

Leigh has a background in investigative journalism and TV news reporting, homeland security and emergency response management, and nonprofit development. She also supports the web modernization team for NASA and is an anchor on NASA TV.  Leigh’s background helped form the way Dig and Tabby celebrate the passion and commitment of dog and cat lovers through the Dig and Tabby apps, with dog-friendly events nationwide, and by building a dedicated community of single cat-lovers and dog-lovers. Leigh lives in New Orleans, Louisiana with her German Shorthaired Pointer Penny and husband Adam.