Fostering a Community of Connection and Care

Scheduled for: March 15th, 2022, 10:00 am PT / Category: Interviews

How can you bring more joy and wellbeing into your organization through advances in personal data capture and visualization?

Rajiv Mehta is the Founder and CEO of nonprofit Atlas of Care. For the past 15+ years, he has applied innovations in anthropology, design and technology to understanding how we (people) care for ourselves, our families and our communities, and how those efforts could be more joyful and effective. In collaboration with many others, this has led to the development of tools and methods for self-exploration (”personal science”), and the design of collaborative experiences for strengthening social bonds, as well as novel research on day-to-day human care. Atlas has worked with communities across a wide range of ages (teens to nonagenarians), professions (waiters to executives), and ethnicities.

Earlier in his career, Rajiv led product innovation and new business efforts for Apple, Adobe, Motorola and numerous technology startups. Before that he was a research scientist at NASA. He studied aerospace engineering at Princeton and Stanford, and business at Columbia. Rajiv is an advisor to several research and entrepreneurial efforts focused on care, has been an advisor and leader in the Quantified Self community, and served for a decade on the board of the Family Caregiving Alliance.