Monitoring Energy Infrastructure Using AI and Software

Scheduled for: August 26th, 2020, 3:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

How can AI and Software help in preventing power outages, forced power shutdowns, climate change effects and wildfires for power grid infrastructure?

Vik Chaudhry is the Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Buzz Solutions. He has a background in Energy Engineering, Cleantech, Civil and Environmental Engineering along with Data Science and Machine Learning focusing on energy industry use cases such as Smart Grid Technologies and Energy Efficiency.

Prior to starting Buzz Solutions, Vik has industry experience of working as a data scientist and leading data science and AI teams at Cisco Systems. He graduated from Stanford University with his Masters degree in Energy Engineering. Vik co-founded Buzz Solutions at Stanford University after working on the idea and technology for his Masters degree research of utilizing drones to inspect and optimize locations of wind turbines by building efficient machine learning models. He believes in leveraging innovative technological solutions to combat problems impacting the energy industry. Buzz Solutions is his first venture backed startup that focuses on safeguarding the world’s energy infrastructure by providing AI-based actionable insights, asset fault detections and predictive analytics software platform for power line, power grid and power infrastructure inspections.