Finding a digital agency’s offer-market-fit

Scheduled for: December 18th, 2019, 1:46 pm PT / Category: Interviews

Learnings from building an agency business development platform on how to run a better digital agency business.

Janis Sprenne is one of the founders at Fulfilli. Janis has been in online sales and marketing for 17+ years and 10 of those he started and grew a digital agency to a top5 digital performance agency in the country. His agency’s success came from fully automating lead acquisition while generating 100s of leads a year. Since he was always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of his business, he and his team came up with an idea to automate pricing – to answer the most common first question customers ask – how much is it to work with us?

After launching the interactive multiple-choice form – a website cost calculator – it exploded and landed them 15,000 organic visits over the first month. We understood that people need help to navigate digital services and pricing. They then decided to go all-in to solve this problem and this is how Fulfilli was born. The company spent a year researching how different agencies name and price their services and built a dedicated quoting software for digital services. After getting agency feedback, they started to understand the agencies’ pain points much better and realized that many of them need help with business development and lead acquisition. The business development platform for digital agencies has been continuously improved over the last three years with the knowledge and experience gained from serving hundreds of agencies.