New Customers: a Fierce Competition Between Large and Small Banks

Scheduled for: January 20th, 2022, 12:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

Why small banks need to be buying, not building solutions so they can shift focus to delivering customer value that will drive net new revenue.

Laurence Cooke is the founder and CEO of nanopay Corporation, a technology company that offers business-to-business payments and liquidity management solutions to businesses and financial institutions. Active in the payments community, Laurence is a member of the Payments Canada Stakeholder Advisory Committee, FinPay and the US Federal Reserve Faster Payments Task Force.  Previously, he was VP of Wireless at Shaw Communications and COO of Bell Mobility.

Prior to starting nanopay, Laurence worked with WIND Canada and was Vice President of Wireless at Shaw Communications Inc. He was also Chief Operating Officer of Bell Mobility and Bell Distribution Inc (BDI), where he was responsible for all of Bell Mobility’s operations and led a team of 9,000 employees. At BDI, Laurence was responsible for all retail for Bell Canada.  Prior to joining Bell, Laurence was a senior executive in Accenture’s London Strategy Practice. Laurence co-founded two wireless data businesses in Europe, Melodeo, Inc. and Xtempus.