The (Disrupted) Future of Education

Scheduled for: July 8th, 2020, 3:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

What are the challenges, opportunities, and ripple effects for educators and entrepreneurs during this once-in-a-generation crisis?

Alex Asher is the CEO of LearnCube. Based in London, LearnCube is a world-leading virtual classroom software company made specifically for language teaching & online tutoring.

The company changes lives by dramatically improving the quality of and access to live online education across the globe. LearnCube already helps top online educators like (the world’s largest language app), Tutorful (one of UK’s largest tutoring companies), and hundreds of other organizations to provide quality live online lessons with a teacher.

Alex has spoken at NEAS in 2018, AI at the Tutors Association conference in 2019 and is currently co-writing a book on the future of online language education.

Alex is not afraid of big challenges. He was also the first runner to circumnavigate the North Island of New Zealand and the first person ever to swim across the worlds’ second-biggest harbor, the Kaipara.