How to Build AI for Enterprise

Scheduled for: May 11th, 2023, 10:00 am PT / Category: Interviews

How will AI transform businesses? What are people trying and what are the difficulties?

Summary of the video

Debarghya Das, the founding engineer of Gleam, discusses building AI for enterprise. He shares his background, passion for technology, and his transition from working at Google to joining Gleam. Gleam aims to solve the problem of information retrieval in the workplace by providing a search engine for all consumer apps used in an enterprise setting. The goal is to create a smart search box that allows users to find documents and information quickly and efficiently. Das also discusses the challenges and potential of AI in various business applications, such as customer support and conversational AI. He emphasizes the importance of understanding AI as a tool and leveraging human knowledge and understanding alongside it. Gleam focuses on providing answers grounded in real information and sources, promoting trust and enabling users to perform real work tasks effectively.


Large language models like ChatGPT have taken the world by storm. BigTech companies have entire machine learning departments that have their jobs at risk because of how powerful these models are. There arguably hasn’t been a technology as transformative since the internet or maybe mobile. So, how will AI transform businesses? What are people trying and what are the difficulties?

Debarghya Das is on the founding team of Glean where he leads engineering teams in Search and Intelligence. Prior to that, he built search products for Google across New York, Tel Aviv and Bangalore. He writes about the technology on his blog and Twitter. His writing has been viewed over 100M+ times and has been featured in global news publications. He is also an independent tech consultant and active angel investor.




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