Love Your Job, or Die Trying

Scheduled for: June 29th, 2016, 7:42 pm PT / Category: Interviews

Happiness in the workplace as a strategy for success for individuals and companies.

Jon Kjaer Nielsen holds an M.Sc. in engineering. He managed to twist it to a major in organizational learning, focusing on why organizations fail at learning and change – and how to succeed better. Leaving a corporate job in Human Resources in the financial industry (in 2006) to work more hands-on with human development, he has made a career as a consultant, author and speaker.

His seminars have been held at more than 600 workplaces, and he has published three book on happiness in the workplace. One can be downloaded for free at, and there you will also find his latest initiative, the HappyWays Podcast, with weekly reflections on improving the experience of work.

In 2015, Jon was also a facilitator for Nearsoft’s Team Building Day.  He is also a podcaster, and his show The HappyWays Podcast gives weekly tips for improving your workday. Find it here. For a full list for episodes and a chance to listen in your browser.  You can also find Jon on Twitter.

You can learn more about Jon here.