Leveraging AR/VR to Accelerate Field Worker Qualifications and Capabilities

Scheduled for: March 10th, 2021, 10:00 am PT / Category: Interviews

Today’s Learners Seek Autonomy and Accelerated Results: XR (Extended Reality) Leverages Auditory and Visual Channels in a Way Traditional Methods Can’t Replicate

Raquel Mercado

Senior Director Workforce Sustainability, Avangrid

For nearly thirty years, Raquel has held various leadership positions in engineering and operations in the energy sector. Having led engineering teams responsible for everything from asset management, system planning, and resiliency, as well as teams that operated and maintained the electrical system. Raquel’s recent focus is on innovation and transforming training strategies that will ensure a sustainable workforce force for the challenges we now face in the sector.

Samuel Joseph Akey

Renewables Training and Innovation

Experienced Operations Training Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the renewables and environment industry. Skilled in Power Plants, Management, Strategic Planning, Project Management, and Energy. Strong human resources professional focused on driving innovative learning practices to meet the challenge of today’s workforce.



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