How Mobile Games Will Drive Growth In The Future

Scheduled for: February 3rd, 2022, 12:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

How mobile games can 10x their growth with next-level personalization and tools that make it ridiculously easy to retain players.

Tom Hammond is the CEO of UserWise  and is currently focused on the game operations space . In the world of games as a service there is a tremendous amount of operational complexity that requires extremely sophisticated software that the top publishers spend years and tens of millions building. Even still most of the tools built suck and take way too much time and effort to use because game devs don’t want to make tools, they want to make games. UserWise is changing all that with the world’s first liveops engine.

Lately, Tom has started to dabble in small check angel investing and advising free to play game startups. And he’s becoming more and more curious and web3, crypto and play and earn blockchain models.