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Scheduled for: May 1st, 2018, 3:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

An In-depth Look Into the Mysterious World of Deep Learning and AI.

Paul Zikopoulos possesses a passionate injection of deep skill, innovation, client engagements into the thousands, as well as an unapologetic will to win.

Proven leader in building/leading large (1400+), high energy, high IQ organizations that thrive on challenges. The output of such organizations are always quantifiable with undeniable results and a sense of personal accountability and accomplishment. Professional and award winning speaker and author.

Some of Paul’s signature moments include:  Award winning international speaker & award winning author (19 published books including Hadoop for Dummies, Big Data Beyond the Hype, +++), 360+ published magazine articles, external public speaker with focus talks on Big Data, Women in Technology, and Leadership. Recognized Big Data Expert with strong social persona presence and influencer status. Named to over a dozen “Big Data Experts to Follow” lists, consulted on Big Data topic by “60 Minutes” TV show, and more. IBM Vice President with focus on competitive Big Data technologies. You can communicate with Paul via Twitter here.