Phocuswright Europe 2024

Scheduled for: July 3rd, 2024, 10:00 am PT / Category: Interviews

Highlighting the networking wins and other attendee insights from Phocuswright Europe 2024, Barcelona.

A recap of Phocuswright Europe 2024, held in Barcelona from June 10-12. The event brought together influential travel leaders from around the globe, providing a platform to dive into important issues facing the industry through one-on-one conversations on Center Stage, roundtable discussions, breakout sessions, and introductions to the latest travel innovations.

Alejandro Gomez Losada Rosso [LinkedIn]

Alejandro is a passionate techpreneur who has worked for some of the most innovative travel brands. He was born into the travel industry and has since been looking for ways to challenge the status quo. When not trying to make Holibob the next travel unicorn, he enjoys Lego, sports, and spending time with his family.

Shridhar Padmanabhan [LinkedIn]

Shridhar is known for his empathetic approach and close partnerships with clients and stakeholders, effectively solving complex problems at scale. His strong background in sales and business development within the Travel & Hospitality sector enables him to drive innovation and achieve strategic outcomes. This extensive experience also makes him an excellent co-host, capable of asking solid questions and fostering engaging discussions.