Pricing B2B SaaS

Scheduled for: August 22nd, 2023, 10:00 am PT / Category: Interviews

How can B2B SaaS businesses create profitable pricing strategies?

Summary of the video

Dan Balcauski, Chief Pricing Officer at Product Tranquility, discusses B2B SaaS pricing strategies. He stresses that understanding customers, value, competition, and strategy is crucial. Many businesses focus solely on price levels, but Dan emphasizes that how you charge and whom you charge matter more. Pricing should be integrated early in product development to avoid issues. Lack of clear ownership often hinders effective pricing; Dan suggests product marketing or product management take charge. Successful pricing considers customer segments, value drivers, competition, and strategic trade-offs, ultimately leading to a well-informed price level choice that aligns with long-term business goals.

In the discussion, the importance of pricing strategies for companies is emphasized. A recommended approach is to establish a pricing council or committee involving C-suite stakeholders to ensure well-informed decisions. The role of a designated leader with decision-making authority is highlighted. Pricing and product management are compared, with product managers making trade-offs for overall success. The interviewee explains that pricing should not be solely owned by finance as they may prioritize margins over other factors. Different elements of pricing strategy are discussed, including pricing models, metrics, bundles, and structures. The conversation stresses the need to revisit pricing periodically due to evolving markets and competitive landscapes. The Amazon Prime example demonstrates effective bundling and long-term strategy in pricing. The importance of customer feedback and communication with buyers is underlined. The interview concludes with advice to establish a pricing process and ownership within companies to optimize growth opportunities.


Dan Balcauski is the founder and Chief Pricing Officer at Product Tranquility, based in Austin, TX. He focuses on helping high-volume B2B SaaS CEOs define pricing and packaging for new products. Over his career, he has worked in both B2C and B2B companies ranging from startups to publicly traded enterprises.