Proven Techniques for Creating High-Performance Teams

Scheduled for: June 15th, 2023, 10:00 am PT / Category: Interviews

What proven techniques exist to transform team performance?

Summary of the video

In this episode of Dojo Live, Scott Weiner, CTO and transformation practice lead at Nuian, shares techniques for creating high-performance teams. He emphasizes the importance of a clear mission and vision that everyone understands and aligns with. Scott highlights the need for leaders to support their team’s values rather than imposing their own. He discusses the role of metrics and measurements in team performance, cautioning against externally imposed metrics and emphasizing the importance of choosing the right metrics. Scott also explains the significance of internal measurements and healthy conflicts. He delves into the qualities of transformational leadership, including being purpose-driven, providing direction, promoting accountability, making good decisions, and developing future leaders. The conversation concludes with an invitation for a deeper discussion in a future episode.


Scott Weiner, leading NeuEon’s Transformation Practice, is a recognized authority in driving high performance and strategic change across various industries. With 30 years of leadership experience in roles such as CEO, CTO, and VP in technology, in healthcare, finance, and more, he provides strategic guidance to organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Scott is known for his insights in organizational transformation and his advocacy for small businesses. He has built multi-million dollar companies, mentored several million dollar prize winning business teams in competition, and has frequently engages with the U.S. Congress to improve technology policies.




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