Re-creating the Watercooler Talk for the Remote Office

Scheduled for: March 30th, 2021, 12:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

Exploring why it's more important than ever to stay connected to your team via real-time conversation.

Patrick Burns is co-founder of Commons, a venture-backed startup building the future of enterprise audio. The product enables remote teams to talk as if they’re in the same room — and in the process, break down barriers that inhibit connection. Patrick and his co-founders, Aziz Kurt and Nazan Kurt, came together in May 2020 and realized that the way of working was changing before their eyes. Seemingly overnight, remote work became a new normal for millions. Yet there weren’t collaborative tools made for this paradigm, and it felt like we’re still in the “cubicle era”.

To solve this problem, Commons enables teams to have interactions you’d have in the physical office, without needing to step foot in it — starting with drop-in conversations.  Together, the Commons team has 40+ years of engineering and product experience and has developed products at Snap, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and their own startups.