Real-Time Engagement Connects Us Across Borders

Scheduled for: September 15th, 2020, 3:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

From healthcare to the workplace to education and beyond, Real-Time Engagement technology is powering the creation of global communities by breaking down geographical barriers.

As CRO & COO of Agora, Reggie Yativ leads the team’s go-to-market and global expansion efforts. At his core, he believes that for Agora, a well-focused strategy around successful use cases and exploration use cases is fundamental to driving consistent growth for the company. Agora plays in the SDKs/ APIs economy empowering developers and helping them go live quickly.

Passionate about the endless potential an engagement-platform-as-a-service has for developers and users, he enjoys how such technologies can be used to quickly spool up innovative ideas and bring them to life. Moreover, he believes real-time engagement is a powerful tool to build inclusivity into the internet in every space from social streaming, education, gaming, entertainment, tele-health and beyond.