Real-World Applications and Future Insights of AI in Hospitality

Scheduled for: June 13th, 2024, 10:00 am PT / Category: Interviews

In this series we are speaking about how a variety of companies in the Travel & Hospitality industry have embraced the use of AI technologies in both their internal operations and in the creation of their products.

In this fifth episode, hospitality expert David Chestler and Data and AI experts Ravneet Ghuman and Rodrigo Vargas, are discussing: 

  • How Hospitality companies are leveraging AI to create tangible benefits
  • Providing use cases and case studies of AI in action
  • What they foresee for the future of Data, Cloud, and AI in Hospitality, considering current opportunities and constraints

David Chestler

President @ ProVision Partners International [LinkedIn Link]

David Chestler is recognized as an icon of the global hospitality and travel industry, having forged a successful career in hotel technology that spans over three decades. He currently serves as President of ProVision Partners International, Inc, a hotel and travel consultancy and marketing firm that he co-founded in 2019. Since beginning his career in hospitality in 1989 with Utell International, Chestler has held leadership roles with some of the industry’s most prominent organizations, where he consistently delivered global scale and growth by developing high performance teams focused on complex technology solutions.

Ravneet Ghuman

Data Science and Machine Learning @ Switchfly [LinkedIn Link]

Innovative and entrepreneurial, Ravneet Ghuman brings over 15 years of experience in Data and A.I., with multiple patents in predictive analytics. An alumnus of UC Berkeley, Ravneet has made significant contributions to fintech and ecommerce, generating multimillion-dollar savings and growth opportunities.

In his current role as Head of Data Science and Machine Learning at Switchfly, he leads data-driven innovation, advanced ML solutions, and strategic adoption to enhance client growth and product excellence. Ravneet also shares his expertise at universities, conferences, and other forums, promoting a broader understanding of machine learning initiatives.

Rodrigo Vargas

VP of Generative AI @ Encora [LinkedIn Link]

Rodrigo is a dynamic IT business leader with over 20 years of experience and is instrumental in driving digital transformation for clients.

He blends technical expertise with exceptional leadership skills, driving results at the intersection of strategy and execution. With deeply ingrained roots in software development and a special interest in AI, Rodrigo continues strengthening his competency in Generative AI.

He envisions to reshape human-machine interactions while remaining respectful of privacy, security, and overall societal well-being.