Settling Into the Work from Home Life

Scheduled for: June 17th, 2021, 12:00 pm PT / Category: Featured, Interviews

With so many people working from home worldwide, now more than ever treating each other like adults - and people acting as adults - is so important to maintain business continuity and high morale.

This week we’ll be holding a special edition of DojoLIVE. It will be focused on something that we are convinced will serve us best, given the current spread of COVID-19. Companies worldwide are encouraging their team mates to stay at home to work. This means a number of different things to different people. It brings about both challenges and opportunities for self-discovery and redefinition.

We have asked Matt Perez to join us for this conversation. Matt has been working as part of distributed teams for many years, many of which he’s worked from home. He isn’t the kind of heroic activist who gets featured on the front of business magazines by force of will, command and control, or by building an emotionally charged personality cult. He, along with Roberto Martinez, Nearsoft’s CEO, has figured out none of that is a good idea for building a great company in the 21st century.




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