The Future of Gaming Realism:How AI Will Blur the Lines Between Reality and Virtual Worlds

Scheduled for: March 23rd, 2023, 10:00 am PT / Category: Interviews

A discussion on how AI technology is creating more interactive and dynamic player experiences in video games.


This interview features a conversation with Michael Pushkar, the co-founder and CTO of NPCX, a company that uses artificial intelligence to create more realism in video games and animated films. NPCX solves problems related to character movement and character intelligence in video games by modeling humans and not creating Godlike AIs. The conversation explores how AI technology is creating more interactive and dynamic player experiences in video games.

About our guest

Michael Puscar (Wikipedia, LinkedIn) is a serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who is deeply in love with technology. Michael is the author of three patents, one issued and two pending, for the use of ground-breaking search and retrieval technology, as well as neural networks and ontology-based content classification. He is a published data scientist with expertise in natural language processing and artificial intelligence as well as a serial entrepreneur with three prior successful exits.

Ironically, Michael is perhaps most known for the video that he took as a passenger on flight Alitalia AZ-63 when it crash landed in Rome, Italy on September 30, 2013. More recently, Michael co-founded NPCx, a technology startup using AI to create more realism in video games, and is the co-founder of the Puscar Buritica Family Office where he is an investor and board member of six other startups and private non-profit foundations, most notably the Mast Cell Research Institute. He also donates his time to Fusion Pointe as a mentor and is dedicated to growing the Southwest Florida startup ecosystem.

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