The Hospitality Advantage: Real Stories of AI in Action – Introduction

Scheduled for: April 18th, 2024, 10:00 am PT / Category: Featured, Interviews

In this series we'll be speaking with a variety of companies in the Travel & Hospitality industry who have embraced the use of AI technologies in both their internal operations and in the creation of their products.

Kicking the series off are industry experts David Chestler and Fabiana Moura, discussing:

  • The common hesitation that companies might face when considering AI implementation and how to overcome such apprehensions and embrace AI technologies effectively
  • Examples of how AI is currently being strategically applied within the travel and hospitality industry
  • How they see AI shaping the future of the travel and hospitality industry
  • How companies can prepare to capitalize on current trends and stay ahead of the curve

David Chestler

President @ ProVision Partners International [Linkedin Link]

David Chestler is recognized as an icon of the global hospitality and travel industry, having forged a successful career in hotel technology that spans over three decades. He currently serves as President of ProVision Partners International, Inc, a hotel and travel consultancy and marketing firm that he co-founded in 2019. Since beginning his career in hospitality in 1989 with Utell International, Chestler has held leadership roles with some of the industry’s most prominent organizations, where he consistently delivered global scale and growth by developing high performance teams focused on complex technology solutions.

Fabiana Moura

Encora’s SVP & SME of Travel & Hospitality [Linkedin Link]

Fabiana Moura is a seasoned Travel & Hospitality Leader with a little over 15 years of Experience working in consolidated companies like Expedia, Siteminder, and Sabre as well as several Startups. She has held roles of Operations Supervisor, Business Development Manager, Director of Partnerships, Chief Commercial Officer, Direct Advisor to CEO “Coach Executive Officer”, Solutions Engineer as well as Consultant. Her primary focus has always been Travel Tech, following her two passions of Travel (People and Culture) as well as overall technology adoption.

In her current role as Subject Matter Expert – Travel & Hospitality at Encora, she leads the Solutions Engineering efforts for the Americas, where she closely collaborates with both Marketing & Sales, as well as the Engineering team, empowering their efforts.

Fabiana’s formal studies are in Computer Science, with a minor focus in people’s Psychology, both of which marry perfectly to drive today’s tech innovation.