Chatbots in the Travel Industry: First Cruise AI Chatbot

Scheduled for: April 3rd, 2018, 1:42 pm PT / Category: Eye 4 Travel 2018, Interviews

Learn about what type of chatbots suites your business needs best. When is it time to know that your business is ready or really need the help of chatbot?

Marina Shumaieva is an experienced programmer, tech lead, and travel enthusiast, possessing a Master degree in Computer Science and three years of experience as certified SAP Consultant.

She is the Founder and CTO of CruiseBe, a platform that provides cruise lovers with an amazingly simple cruise itinerary aggregator for B2C and SaaS B2B solution that proposes day-by-day schedule of a cruise with a complete list of attractions in each port of call and offline route navigation system on the ship.

After presenting the first cruise AI chatbot and iOS app on TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Alley in San Francisco, Marina was invited to be the speaker on major travel conferences like Smart Travel Data Summit in Miami 2018 and EyeFroTravel Digital Summit in San Francisco 2018 covering the topic about Machine Learning and AI chatbots in the travel industry, CruiseBe case study.