Rethinking Urban Agriculture: Empowering Consumers Through the Pursuit of ‘Food Freedom’

Scheduled for: November 10th, 2021, 12:00 pm PT / Category: Interviews

Can urban agriculture be used to relocalize food production by upskilling consumers growing knowledge?

Clifton Hartsuff is co-founder and CEO of Plant3r, a self-described company of plant nerds. The company’s mission is to lower the barriers for new gardeners starting out to the lowest possible level and trigger a food freedom renaissance in urban areas around the world. If you’ve always wanted to get started growing your own food and weren’t sure how to begin then Plant3r is for you!

He has 6 years of business development experience focused on B2B enterprise SAAS sales. Prior to his sales career, he worked in patents for 5 years as a patent paralegal, an experience that has proven invaluable since he started growing at Plant3r.




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