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The DojoLIVE! team is always looking for new faces and fresh tech-related ideas to bring to viewers. Through our live broadcasts, tech experts, businessmen and thought leaders share their expertise with an eager audience comprised mostly of software engineers. But these broadcasts would not be the same without your help. Nominating someone to be interviewed at DojoLIVE! is the tip of the iceberg of the many possibilities within your reach to help us find most exciting, talented people in your network.

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We are looking for the English-speaking world’s most innovative and influential speakers in the technology and software engineering realm. At DojoLIVE!, we search year-round for thought leaders and tech experts who will not only inform and inspire, but also surprise and amaze. If you know someone who you feel belongs on the DojoLIVE! spotlight, or if you feel compelled to be there yourself, we definitively want to hear from you!

Nominate someone!

Please fill in our speaker nomination form to tell us why your nominee would be a great candidate to speak at DojoLIVE!.

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