Podcast: Accessibility – The Future of Tech

July 29th, 2022 / Published in: Podcasts

What is accessibility and why does it matter? Is accessibility a competitive edge? How can you get started?

The Panel

Jennifer Purcell, Lead Product Designer at Gameboard 

Jennifer is a partially colorblind and neurodivergent designer with a history in fine arts and education. She champions building accessible products from the ground up, and wants her current project, Gameboard, to be approachable to anyone that wants to play.

Estefania Anaya, UI/UX Designer at Encora

Estefania is a UI/UX Designer and Inclusive Design advocate. In her free time, you can find her riding bicycles, painting miniatures, or just cooking her favorite meals. She sees inclusion as an innovative engine, which is why she really enjoys working with diverse teams.

Fermin Chavez, UX Researcher at Encora

After studying Bionics Engineering, Fermín Chávez made a career switch that led him towards Design. He completed a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design with the thesis “Visual impairment, technology and entertainment.” He’s very interested in the intersections of design and how they can be leveraged towards inclusion and justice and has been working as a User Experience Researcher four years.