Podcast: Agile Hardware Manufacturing: Meeting this Century’s Toughest Challenges

February 24th, 2022 / Published in: Podcasts

Karan Talati is the CEO and co-founder of First Resonance. Their Factory OS, ION, is used by over 30 companies building products in aerospace, automotive, robotics and more. Prior to starting First Resonance, Karan built machine automation and data systems at SpaceX, where he got to see the shift in manufacturing patterns and the enabling technology first hand.

After spending a few years building data and ML pipelines at a startup in LA, Karan started First Resonance with his co-founder and COO, Neal Sarraf. First Resonance is now 25+ people and recently closed its Series A round of funding. This year, they are expanding their customer base and accelerating product development to help more manufacturers meet increasingly dynamic and competitive demands across air travel, space exploration, autonomous vehicles, and more.