Podcast: AI, Animals and Empathy

August 4th, 2021 / Published in: Podcasts

Can AI help us better understand animals around us and increase empathy in the world? with John Honchariw, CEO & Founder @ Companion

John Honchariw is the founder and CEO of Companion. John was trained in mechanical, aeronautical and systems engineering, but has spent the majority of his career in product and business development taking new types of technology and business models to market. Most recently, he worked at Google with the early technology units (Google[X], Research and Robotics) on thinking through first products and applications. He started off his career at Bain & Company in San Francisco and then launched into helping develop silicon-nanostructure Li-Ion batteries for clean-energy applications at Amprius (KPCB).

After that, he helped launch a new type of cloud platform at AppDirect. Now he’s completely focused on helping people connect more meaningfully with their pets using Companion. John loves getting outside in the SF Bay Area and spending time with his wife, son, cat and dog.