Podcast: AI at the Heart of Sustainability

May 24th, 2023 / Published in: Podcasts


Madhav Khurana, the head of data science and analytics at Rebuy, discusses the role of AI in sustainability. Rebuy is a used products marketplace that aims to combat overconsumption and waste by revolutionizing the perception of pre-owned goods. They use AI to dynamically price products, forecast demand and supply, and optimize operations costs. By leveraging AI, Rebuy ensures a seamless customer experience and promotes the circular economy. Madhav also emphasizes the importance of being data-driven and proactive in decision-making. The interview highlights the shift in consumer mentality towards sustainability and the increased demand for used products. Additionally, Madhav explains the significance of failure in the development of AI projects and advises starting with minimum viable products to test feasibility. The hosts also mention a recap show that will discuss Madhav’s interview and other topics.

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