Podcast: AI in the Global Supply Chain

April 27th, 2023 / Published in: Podcasts

Rui Aguiar, CTO of Expedock, discussed with us the application of AI in the global supply chain. Aguiar explained how AI can automate manual processes in supply chain operations, such as cataloging receipts and container pictures, to make the supply chain run more efficiently. He also shared how AI can be used in document extraction, which is the information protocol of how goods move around, to help businesses reduce their operational costs. Aguiar attributed the recent shock to the global supply chain to the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused a demand spike for goods and materials and led to more companies entering the space to help improve the broken infrastructure system.

Rui Aguiar is the Cofounder and CTO of Expedock, a company that is using AI to increase efficiency and scalability in the global supply chain. Prior to that, he worked in the Stanford ML Group, and several companies including Rockset, Facebook and Airbnb.