Podcast: Building a Fearless Team from Scratch

September 16th, 2021 / Published in: Podcasts

Pete Harvey is ProQuo AI’s CTO and CPO;developing their platform, AI, Machine Learning and UI/UX teams. Having been a published scholar of the different formations of ice crystals, he brings new facets of learning to how ProQuo helps to build brands. Pete joined ProQuo from EY, leading business growth through the implementation of technology solutions. 

Searsha Sadek is ProQuo’s Head of Growth;straddling R&D, Sales & Marketing, and General Management divisions of the company to identify the greatest opportunities to grow as the company scales. With a background in psychology and advertising strategy, she’s always worked to understand how people feel and how to employ that to fuel brands. Working with global powerhouse brands and new start ups alike, in order to find and solve the problems that unlock growth, and accelerate the areas that supercharge it