Podcast: Building Trust through Privacy and Open Source in the Face of Big Tech

June 29th, 2021 / Published in: Podcasts

Joshua Montgomery, President and Founder of Mycroft AI, is an entrepreneur by nature, an aerospace engineer by education, an Air Force Major by curiosity, and a hacker at heart. Long before Net Neutrality became a buzz phrase, Joshua recognized the importance of open-access internet. He founded Wicked Broadband and leveraged his position to bring gigabit fiber to areas where Google wouldn’t.

He is also an adamant believer in open-access AI and open source programming. He set out to build the first Mycroft voice assistant before Alexa was made available to the public and quickly engaged a community of open source programmers to start teaching Mycroft new skills. Josh is a visionary whose sights are set on building communities and companies that make powerful contributions to the world – ones which support open source technology and further the world with advancements.