Podcast: Data Streaming and the End of the Data Broker Model

December 9th, 2020 / Published in: Podcasts

Can a disruptive new approach remove the pain of buying and selling data? with Nick Jordan

Nick Jordan founded Narrative in 2016 after spending nearly a decade in data related product management roles because he saw there was a significant opportunity in the marketplace to create a platform that eliminates inefficiencies in data transactions. Participants in the data economy need access to readily available data assets, and tools to help them manage their data business. Nick and the team at Narrative have developed an offering that gives data practitioners full control of their data strategy by allowing them to source, evaluate, buy, process, and activate new data supply in a matter of hours. Nick and his company have just announced the launch of a new category: Data Streaming, which effectively replaces the broken data broker industry model with a transformative solution.

Prior to Narrative, Nick led Product + Strategy at Tapad where he helped evolve the company from a media business into a data and technology licensing business before its acquisition by Telenor for $360M in 2016. Before joining Tapad, Nick ran Product Management at Demdex, the industry’s first data management platform (DMP) prior to its acquisition by Adobe in 2011. He also held roles at Yahoo! running pricing and yield management for newly acquired assets like Right Media.