Podcast: Innovation in E-commerce in a Covid-19 World

March 25th, 2021 / Published in: Podcasts

Subha Shetty is the newly appointed VP of Loyalty Projects at Synchrony, a leading consumer financial company and the world’s largest private label credit card. She came to Synchrony via an acquisition of Loop Commerce, a groundbreaking e-commerce start-up, where she headed Product, Design and Analytics.  Subha is a seasoned product leader with 15+ years of e-commerce, retail and SaaS expertise in both big and small companies like eBay, Walmart.com, Upwork (2018 IPO). She has created market leading products from scratch that are at the intersection of technology, data, AI and customer experience such as the Walmart To-Go solution in 2010 that pioneered online grocery delivery and the relaunch of Zenfolio from a boutique brand to a leading SaaS solution for photographers.

Subha is passionate about elevating the role of product and product managers and helping startup founders, especially during the pandemic. She sponsors events for Women-in-Product, is a mentor to leading start-up accelerators like 500 Start-ups & Founders Institute and an active advisor and angel investor. Subha obtained her MBA from University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and lives in the bay area with her husband and energetic 7 year-old son.