Podcast: Keeping Control – How AI and Fintech Are Putting Music Artists Back in the Driver’s Seat

July 19th, 2022 / Published in: Podcasts

Peter Sinclair is an “accidental participant” in the music industry. Before joining Universal Music Group in 2015, Peter built an extensive track record launching and growing digital-forward businesses in the finance, gifting and consumer product sectors. He has repeatedly taken companies and business units from pre-revenue to rapid scale.

He co-founded beatBread in 2020 as a means to empower more artists to advance their careers without giving up ownership of their masters or the ability to make their own career decisions.

Peter also has experience serving customers neglected by “the mainstream industry”. Peter built and scaled the direct to consumer business at Green Dot, a company that increased access and reduced the cost of financial services for individuals who were ignored and overcharged by traditional banks. Peter saw the urgent need for a new paradigm in artist funding in his five years at Universal, where he oversaw ecommerce for the world’s largest music company.