Podcast: Learning from Failure

October 22nd, 2020 / Published in: Podcasts

Why failure is our most important teacher with Lucas Ward.

Lucas Ward is the co-founder and CTO of Kin Insurance, an insurance technology company and home insurance carrier built from the ground up to make insurance easy and affordable. Lucas has spent his career building software, disrupting industries, and creating high-performing teams. He started his career at Accenture and Thoughtworks where he was a senior consultant and ran IT projects for Fortune-500 clients. He is the inventor of Spring Batch, the first and only open source batch processing framework. Previously, he was CTO of Fundspire, a web-based investment platform that’s shaping the next generation of hedge fund investing (and now part of Nasdaq), and Rippleshot, an award-winning credit card fraud detection platform and venture-backed big data company.

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