Podcast: Optimization’s Essential Role in the AI Revolution

May 10th, 2023 / Published in: Podcasts

Dr. Irv Lustig, the optimization principal at Princeton Consultants, discusses the essential role of optimization in the AI revolution. He highlights the need for comprehensive thinking in applying optimization, from understanding the problem to deploying the solution and changing decision-making processes. Princeton Consultants focuses on management consulting and information technology, applying optimization to help customers make better decisions. The convergence of optimization and AI is driven by the availability of data, which enables improved decision-making. Optimization can automate processes and solve business problems efficiently. Skills required for optimization include a background in operations research, data science, and business analytics. Dr. Lustig emphasizes the importance of communication and considering downstream effects when implementing optimization solutions. He suggests pursuing degrees or programs in operations research, business analytics, or data science and attending conferences to learn more about optimization and its applications.

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