Podcast: Reinventing the hotel experience

August 28th, 2019 / Published in: Podcasts

Modular, plug-in, micro-hotel as the key that unlocks a whole new market niche.

Mikhail Krymov (CEO) Co-founded Sleepbox in 2016 with Peter Chambers (COO) after meeting through an M.I.T fellowship program. Mikhail comes from an extensive background in architecture and design. He first experimented with the concept of Sleepbox when he was Chief Architect and CEO of Arch Group in Moscow, Russia. He lead himself and the company to success by winning prestigious national and international awards. Krymov began developing the concept of Sleepbox in Moscow and opened a few locations to gain a deeper understanding of this untapped market. Krymov hopes that Sleepbox empowers individuals to travel more often and freely.

“Traveling is my passion. I have always felt that my home is not one city or country, but the world. I feel that for many people, including myself, traveling is a need, not a luxury. Without travel, I feel trapped and new experiences are the only cure.” – Mikhail Krymov

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